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Dear Colleagues:

It is my pleasure as WFPMA Secretary General/Treasurer to share the latest issue of WorldLink, this time focusing on people management in Europe.


—  Bob Morton, president of the European Association for People Management, wrote the cover editorial, giving us an update on the Brexit negotiations the U.K. is going through.

— An article by Anna Mamalaki in Greece reflects on the digitalization of people management in the 21st century, as our organizations adapt to this transformation, which is having a profound effect on HR departments.

— Tina Saar shares her interesting experience at Proekspert, where she led a holistic approach to HR strategy and helped to transform the company’s culture.

— We hear how small- to medium-sized enterprises in Germany are adapting to the challenge of finding skilled employees.

And, as always, you will read brief news updates on various HR-related happenings in several countries in Europe. We trust that you will find this issue of WorldLink, which is available on the WFPMA website (, timely and informative. Please forward it to the members in your association and post it on your association’s website. 

The next issue of WorldLink, publishing in December, will feature the North American HRM Association and HR news from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. If you have story ideas for your regional issue or events you would like to add to the Calendar, please contact WorldLink Editor Melanie Padgett Powers at

With warm regards, 

Leyla Nascimento

WFPMA Secretary General/Treasurer