to the website of the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA)

While resources do not permit the WFPMA to research many of the global issues of interest and relevance to its member associations, a number of pieces of work have been carried out which the Federation is pleased to share with visitors to its website. To date these have covered HR competencies and professional standards around the world, global labor resourcing, a survey of HR global challenges, past, present and future and more recently a global survey to determine the challenges of leading and managing people during the recent financial crisis and global recession.  A research project is completed on the role of HR in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.  An Executive Briefing  was made available to the public in early September 2011, and the final report was published in June 2012.  Also,  a global report on Trends and Priorities of HR, executed by the Boston Consulting Group, will be published end of September 2012.

The Board is always happy to consider suggestions for future projects to which our professional member associations can contribute, particularly where these do not have a financial implication for the Federation. Please forward ideas to the WFPMA Secretariat.